Nov 132013

CT Cone Beam Imaging Now Available

If you have sinus or ear problems, you know how frustrating it can be to live with pressure, pain, and an inability to breathe. It can affect your sleep, your focus at work, and your enjoyment of life in general.

By using a minimally invasive 3D imaging cone beam scanner to help diagnose your sinus or ear problems, you can get faster relief from your symptoms.

One of the best ways to diagnose sinus and ear problems is with a CT (computed tomography) scan (also known as a “CAT” scan). Until recently, if your doctor needed a CT scan to diagnose your sinus or ear problem, they would have sent you to a hospital or imaging center for a scan on a full-body CT scanner, and then brought you back to their office for a follow-up visit to discuss your diagnosis and make a treatment plan. This process can take days or even weeks, delaying your treatment and relief.

At Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of New York, P.C.,physicians can diagnose your problems during your first office exam using a cone beam scanner–an upright, open-design CT scanner that creates instant, high quality images of the sinuses and ears. This scan is quick, easy, and comfortable. Adult scans take 40 seconds and pediatric scans take only 20 seconds, and the radiation dose is up to 90% lower than sinus and ear scans taken on full-body CT scanners. With our scanner, your doctor gets digital 3D images of your sinuses and ears, which gives them instant access to the information needed to diagnose your problem.

Your doctor can show you your scan on a computer monitor, explain your condition, and you can begin your treatment plan right away. The faster you begin your treatment, the faster you can get relief from your symptoms!


The Benefits of Cone Beam CT imaging:

• Low radiation dose

Adult scans have up to 15x lower radiation dose, and pediatric scans have up to 28x lower radiation dose than sinus scans taken on full-body CT scanners. Lower radiation dose gives you peace of mind.

• Upright, open design minimizes claustrophobia

You sit comfortably upright in a chair as an overhead arm makes a single rotation around your head. Open, patient-friendly design eliminates the sense of claustrophobia that many people experience during CT scans taken on full-body CT scanners.

• Instant, on-site diagnosis leads to faster treatment and relief

Your doctor can diagnose your problem during your office exam and prescribe treatment in one visit, so you can start feeling better faster.